About the analyzer

Fertissimo is a powerful system that rapidly highlights the most viable embryos to conceive in IVF-induced pregnancy, using oxidative stress as a biomarker. The system makes a noninvasive analysis of the embryo’s reproductive potential by testing the culture media, leaving the embryo untouched.

How Does it Work?

Only 8 minutes testing for each embryo

1. Draw and Insert
15μl of culture media is drawn from well and placed on cuvette
2. Spread
Spread sample to create uniform layer
3. Drying
Sample dried in vacuum
4. Heating
Sample heated. Device measures the number of photons emitted per second over 300 seconds
5. Results
Results calculated, analyzed, and generated to indicate best embryo for transfer

Main Features

At least 15% increase in successful IVF pregnancies

8-minute analysis to determine each embryo’s viability

Provides information on a patient’s ability to conceive in a given cycle

Offers viability assessment of cryopreserved embryos

Future IVF Indications

Carmel Diagnostics is developing a test that will show the chances of pregnancy in a given cycle (individual aspiration of the follicular fluids and the oocytes from each follicle) after a clinical study demonstrated a clear correlation between measured TCL parameters and pregnancy rates. This new application is patent pending.