The Anguish of Infertility

1 in 7 couples has trouble conceiving, and it’s a growing problem. Improvements in IVF technologies are still insufficient and result in a poor success rate. Couples are frequently deprived of their dearest desires.


Fertissimo improves the outcome of IVF, by determining the profile of individual embryos using oxidative stress as a biomarker. It is the first benchtop system that enables non-invasive testing by sampling the culture medium while leaving embryos in tact.

Remarkable Progress. Proven Results.

Clinical data demonstrates an increase of up to 20% in IVF outcomes, compared with the existing gold standard.To many couples this means the joyful beginning of their family.

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Parameters obtained [by the analyzer]show higher levels of oxidation levels in group culture, transferred embryos, and successful implantation. Current evidence between embryo outcome and implantation potential indicates an improved clinical biomarker

Dr. Marcos Meseguer
Scientific Manager, IVI Valencia

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