The Carmel Diagnostics Technology Platform measures oxidative stress and oxidizability for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring of healthcare related phenomena.

The Company has developed TCL Analyzer™, which measures oxidative stress and can be adapted to numerous specific healthcare applications.

 Validation of TCL Analyzer™ as an indicator of oxidative stress was demonstrated in a study conducted by A.Z. Reznick and others. The study's aim was to determine the contribution of oxidative modification of lipids and proteins to the Thermochemiluminescence (TCL) signal detected by TCL Analyzer™.

Carmel Diagnostics has focused on two major applications for its platform technology:

  • Risk stratification of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients, diagnosis of HF severity, and patients' prognosis.
  • Embryo Selection - identifying the most viable embryos prior to embryo transfer in In-Vitro Fertilization procedures.

Pre-clinical validation tests of TCL Analyzer™ as a diagnostic device for CHF prognosis and for IVF embryo selection corroborated previous laboratory validation of TCL Technology.

TCL Technology Intellectual Property is protected by a US Patent from April 2002 and by similar patents granted in Japan, China, Canada, Russia, Israel, and Australia. Patent approval in the European Community is pending.